Terms of Use

Terms of use & Service Disclaimer

Welcome to Maidenhead Builders. Please make sure you’re familiar with our terms of use below before getting your free building quotes from Maidenhead Builders.

Using our Quote Request Form

Using our quote request form should be simple. Should you encounter any issues, please contact us directly and we’ll be able to help you with your issues.

All fields are required for us to be able to discuss you project with our builders so please give an accurate account of the project using the fields provided.

Further quote requests

If for any reason you find that you’re not happy with the quotes provided to you, you may use our service again. However, it must be kept in mind that due to the nature of our strict, in-depth vetting process we do have a finite number of high-quality builders available.

For that reason, the number of individual builder quotes you receive may be limited should you continually come back to use our service.

Providing proof of Planning permission / Drawings

Depending on the type and scale of project you’re carrying out on your home, one or more of these items will be integral in allowing our professionals to provide accurate quotes.

Quote requests that are submitted without planning permission are subject to variation and may not be reflect the final project cost accurately. Our Builders are used to working with the very best clients.

If you need assistance with Drawings, don’t worry, there will be a list of approved, quality-checked architects on display after you’ve submitted your request – just choose the option “No” when answering the question “Do you have drawings?” on our quote form.

Service Disclaimer

Maidenhead Builders is a broker for high-quality building quotes and has used its expertise in the industry to find the very best local tradespeople in Maidenhead and Surround areas.

Once you have received your building quotes, Maidenhead Builders is no longer part of the process and cannot be held responsible for any situations that may arise before, during or after the relationship with your chosen builder begins.

Maidenhead Builders is a broker and does not provide any off the following services:

  • Building services or Consultation
  • Surveying/Assessment of any property
  • Architectural drawings or consultation